Payment Options

Why PayPal?

While the new Gibs Bottled Hell store continues to go through cycles of store improvements to enhance and create a better store experience for our customers, PayPal offers a tentative solution for an immediate transaction method, with great security around your personal data. Below is a link to read up on many reasons why paypal is a great solution for transactions.

paypal security

Do I need a PayPal account?

Yes, because Gibs Bottled Hell is tentatively utilizing PayPal as our primary transaction method you will need to create a PayPal account. Creating an account takes less than 5 minutes and is free. You may follow the link below or sign up during the transaction process.


Future payment enhancements

As Gibs Bottled Hell strives to deliver an excellent streamlined store experience we are working on a local payment method that will eventually move away from PayPal. At this time we do not have a date in mind; nevertheless, we will continue to provide updates as our development progresses towards a local store transaction method.

Shipping Methods/Cost


Tentatively we are going to be setting a flat ship rate of $8.00 for United States of America. As we work towards enhancing our store and bringing a better customer experience we will be moving towards shipping integration tool that will provide more precise shipping rates.